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'Worn' #1 - 2015 Tag Heuer Chronograph Formula 1 MCLAREN Edition CAZ1112

Tag Heuer Chronograph Formula 1 MCLAREN Edition CAZ1112 owner blog
'This was the watch that got me hooked!'

Quick Questions

First watch: Casio G-SHOCK Baby G

Dream watch: Rolex 6263 Big Red

One watch collection: Rolex 16710 GMT (Jubilee or Oyster and three bezels to swap out)

Model: 2015 Tag Heuer Chronograph Formula 1 MCLAREN Edition CAZ1112

Time owned: Nine years

This was my first “luxury” watch. I didn’t know much back then (still don’t now) about the many different brands and model iterations within each of them. My parents suggested a watch as an idea for my 18th birthday present and I was thrilled. I remember getting out of school early (I was half way through a boring double period of A-level chemistry) on my birthday to go up to Lunns in Queens Arcade Belfast to choose my piece. I was instantly drawn to the Tag Heuer stand with all the different model shapes, sizes and colours. I settled on this one as the choice for me and got a hirsch leather strap to complement the OEM nylon strap that came on the watch. This watch was the one that got me hooked. The thought of having something so personal on my wrist everywhere I went, the conversations it started as other “watch people” picked up on my budding enthusiasm and shared in my new found hobby. I had caught “the bug”!

Things you love about the watch:

Initially in the boutique I loved that the logo was in full colour. Other models I tried on were very monochromatic and I wanted something that would pop and catch the eye everytime I glanced at it. I have always been a big car guy and for me the link with F1 and more importantly a British car maker meant it was a no brainer. The watch was revealed at the Goodwood festival of speed and one of my favourite subtle features is the red thirty minute marker on the edge of the dial. A nod to the 30 years of partnership between the iconic brands that this watch was celebrating.

Things you dislike about the watch:

I love symmetry in watches, especially the dial and so I must admit the date window at four o’clock does niggle at me sometimes. However it is useful and quite subtly done.

Which environment or setting/attire do you think the watch is best suited to?

It’s a youthful, sporty and casual piece that I love wearing with a t-shirt on a summer day. The comfort of the nylon strap on a hot sweaty wrist and the way the red bezel pops in the bright sunlight gives me great pleasure.

Author: J W S

Date: 21/4/24

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